Stephen R Shanley, CLU®, ChFC®

Wealth Management Advisor

Endowments, Foundations & Charitable Trusts

Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company can assist in structuring a trust to benefit the charitable concerns you care about. Our astute advisors can help you consider solutions that preserve tax advantages and provide an income stream for yourself and your loved ones for retirement funding or annual giving.

Endowments and foundations are organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Similar to other trust arrangements, endowments and foundations are created when an individual transfers ownership of property to a trust with another individual or company serving as trustee.

Private foundations are often used to focus the charitable giving of a wealthy family. Numerous members of the family can gift property to the foundation, which invests the gifts and grows the value of its assets for the continued charitable goals of the foundation.

The beneficiaries of a foundation must be charitable organizations. Foundations and endowments may be private or public organizations.